Of Fallen Rhovanion

The Torunedar

A secret within a secret.

Late May, TE 2946

Amon Aegcarch, Long Marshes

The companions descend into the depths of the hill, landing upon an island within the dank water which fills the cave. They are set upon almost immediately by marsh-dwellers, which seem innumerable at first. With courage and steel, they beat back their attackers.

Even in the gloom, the stout-hearted adventurers press on to find the missing Lakemen. The exit from the cave is underwater. Daring the complete blackness the company finds a passage through to another cyst. The party splits: the Battle Maiden secures their escape (with the loyal Osric) and the rest explore the cyst.

They find an ancient dwarf-make dock. Clambering upon it, they strike a torch and discover an ancient dwarf torunedar (a hill-haven), a kind of hermitage for dwarf craftsmen to perfect their art. Unfortunately, it stinks of marsh-dwellers. As they explore, they discover three of the Lakemen barricaded behind an old dwarf-door and are forced to fight those marsh dwellers that have not fled.

Within a forge, they discover two near-complete weapons (an axe and a sword). In the barracks Kelda discovers both an ancient book (journal) and a large crystal which glows with a sickly green light. Driven by her lure of secrets, she hides the gem within her satchel in hopes of probing its mysteries later. Astryth finds an escape behind a sealed door unbreakable (apparently) to the marsh dwellers.

The company flees the site, rescued Lakemen in tow.



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