Five years of peace have fallen over the Wilderlands since the slaying of Smaug the Mighty and the Battle of Five Armies.

In the Lonely Mountain of Erebor, Kind Dain Ironfoot has taken up the title King under the Mountain and Bard the Bowman, hero of Laketown has been named King of refounded Dale. Esgaroth, destroyed by the fury of the dragon, has been rebuilt.

It is the spring of a new age for the Wilderlands, and the pride of a new generation has set out make it a time of their own.

The Companions

Kelda – Barding scholar
Astryth – Barding treasure-hunter
Grimbald – Beorning slayer
“Battle Maiden” – Woodman wanderer
Ravyn – Woodman warden

Of Fallen Rhovanion